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By John Whittaker (taken from The Sunday Post-Journal)

     Jim Bailey, a noted character actor, singer and comedian, will headline the 2004 Lucy-Desi Days festival from May 28-30.  Bailey will perform May 29 at the Reg Lenna Civic Center.  The performance is also expected to include a special guest appearance with details to be announced soon,

     Ric Wyman, Lucy-Desi Museum executive director, said Bailey’s guest appearance in a 1972 episode of Here’s Lucy prompted his invitation to Jamestown.  In the show, Lucy persuades comedienne Phyllis Diller to perform in a local charity fund raiser.  When Ms. Diller contracts a severe case of laryngitis, Lucy’s daughter Kim, played by Lucie Arnaz, comes to the rescue and books female impressionist Jim Bailey to fill in – unbeknownst to Lucy.  A screening of this episode will be part of the evening’s program.

     “We’re really thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome Jim to Jamestown,”  Wyman said.  “And we’re grateful that he’s willing to spend his time and talent to raise money to support our cause-especially during a year when we have many tasks at hand.”

     In addition to performing for the British Royal Family and four U.S. presidents, Bailey appeared on The Tonight Show 14 times and is a five-time recipient of the Las Vegas Performer of the Year Award.  Best known for his stunning portrayals of Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland in concert, the operatically trained singer has also been on The Ed Sullivan Show, Ally McBeal, Night Court, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Carol Burnett Show, Entertainment Tonight and The Merv Griffin Show.

     Bailey has appeared in the world’s top venues including New York’s Carnegie Hall, London’s Palladium, and more than 16 main showrooms in the top casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.  As well as the Olympics and Super Bowl, he has appeared on The People’s Choice Awards, The Emmys, The Comedy Awards, Bob Hope specials and The Tony Awards.

     A tireless worker for charity, Bailey has been associated with fund-raising efforts for The American Cancer Society, The Heart Fund, Multiple Sclerosis, the late Princess Diana’s charity, and charities for handicapped children and with AIDS organizations worldwide.

     The annual Lucy-Desi Days festival kicks off at noon May 28 with a proclamation by Mayor Sam Teresi and a performance by the Jamestown Suzuki Strings Students and Washington Middle School Orchestra followed by a free memorabilia collectors show at 300 North Main Street.

     Events will begin a 9 a.m. May 29 and May 30 while the event concludes with the second annual I Love Lucy masquerade ball at the Hotel Jamestown at 8 p.m. May 30.

     For tickets and more information on Lucy-Desi Days 2004, call 484-0800 or toll-free (877) 582-9326; or visit the site www.lucy-desi.com.


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