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Jim as Judy GarlandLA WEEKLY PERFORMANCE PICK OF THE WEEK - Jim Bailey: Judy, Judy, Judy

Los Angeles - It sounds like a grand bit of camp, a hoot of an evening, watching a guy dressed up like Hollywood icon Judy Garland, but this is no drag show. This is as close as we can get to the real thing. Jim Bailey is a masterful actor and extraordinary singer who recreates the grand dame of musical standards from her tiny physique to her immense voice. There are plenty of laughs in an evening filled with Garland’s famous songs and almost whiny, self-deprecating patter that gives just enough impression of the drugs and alcohol that both created and destroyed the lady’s legendary persona. For a special treat, Bailey delivers some songs written after Garland’s death, filling in our fantasies of how she would deal with later Broadway melodies, especially those of Stephen Sondheim. Sitting at the Cinegrill, we hear Garland’s occasional vocal staggering as she sometime grapples for the note. The note always arrives just in time to create the perfect moment of heartbreak. Jim Bailey is one of the great showmen of our time, and this grand illusion is not to be missed.

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