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Jim as Judy Garland"BARBRA STREISAND? On "Ally McBeal"?...
by Liz Smith (taken from the NY Post)

     Well, er, not exactly, but almost. Jim Bailey, who is a Streisand performer in real life, will appear on the TV show's first sweeps episode this Monday as a gay man who likes to dress up and pretend he is Barbra. He also appears as the diva herself. He closes the show with a dramatic rendition of Streisand's his song "My Man." "Calista Flockhart and the cast, and the originator, David E. Kelley, loved it." says Mr. Bailey. "At the end, they all stood up to applaud me, which they keep in the final airing. Calista told me she's a big fan, and that I was incredible. She was very respectful." Mr. Bailey doesn't think his idol, Barbra will mind. He has performed songs for her and visited her home. Yes, and maybe Barbra won't take offense when Bailey's character checks into a clinic to have plastic surgery to enlarge his nose.

     And to make things even better, the good news is Bailey will make his Broadway debut this fall in a one-man show, starring as Judy Garland. The dates and theater aren't set as yet, but his longtime producer, Jennifer Sanchez, is putting all the pieces together.

     The Boston Globe recently reported, "Jim Bailey's acclaimed portrayal of Judy Garland is far more than an impersonation. Watching Bailey as Garland is like watching Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain, Robert Morse as Truman Capote or Julie Harris as Emily Dickinson. His work is in that class." It seems we can't get enough of Garland, what with all the TV specials, books, CD reissues and now Broadway. Too bad the Palace is not available."

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