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SERIOUS ABOUT HIS LADIES - by Don Heckman (Taken from The Times) When Jim Bailey takes the stage as singers such as Judy Garland, he definitely doesn't play for laughs ... (more)

JUDY IN DISGUISE: The Ideal Man For Garland And Streisand – by Tony Patrick (taken from The London Times) LONDON - It was in London, 27 years ago last month, that Judy Garland died; but through the necromantic skill of Jim Bailey, she is smiling and singing...(more)

BAILEY AS GARLAND IS INSPIRATION - By Anthony Tommasini (taken from The Globe) BOSTON — Jim Bailey’s acclaimed portrayal of Judy Garland is far more than mere impersonation. And although the cross-dressing element can’t help lending an edge of gender-bending humor to the show...(more)

Taking the stage as a woman, this man delivers diva's songs - by Louise Kennedy (taken from The Boston Globe) Jim Bailey performs as Barbra Streisand in Symphony Hall tomorrow night at 8 pm, in a benefit concert for New Hampshire's AIDS Response-Seacoast  ...(more)

Bailey's Streisand Good, Very Good, You Might Even Say It's Like Butter - by April Boyle (taken from the Portland Press Herald)  Jim Bailey's performance Sunday night marked the Ogunquit Playhouse's second annual co-production with AIDS Response-Seacoast...(more)

LA WEEKLY PERFORMANCE PICK OF THE WEEK - Jim Bailey: Judy, Judy, Judy - by Tom Provenzano (taken from the LA Weekly) - LOS ANGELES - It sounds like a grand bit of camp, a hoot of an evening, watching a guy dressed up like Hollywood icon Judy Garland...(more)

JIM BAILEY PLAYS VEGAS WITH LIZA: Will Bring Highly acclaimed “Judy” Show To The Academy - (taken from L.A. Daily News) Los Angeles- A most memorable and fascinating bit of show business took place late last week at the Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel when Liza Minnelli did a complete show with impressionist Jim Bailey...(more)

-By Anthony Tommasini (taken from The Boston Globe) Barbra Streisand loves Jim Bailey’s impersonation of her. In fact, when she hosted a big private party in Malibu, she invited Bailey to perform at it....(more)

BILLBOARD: JIM BAILEY AT CARNEGIE HALL - By Phil Gelormine (taken from Billboard)NEW YORK - Jim Bailey, UA Records artist, brought magic to the stage of Carnegie Hall in the guises of Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland. Bailey’s “tributes” to these ladies go beyond the point of impression or parody. While in character, he simply suspends disbelief....(more)

GRAND ILLUSION: JIM AS JUDY — by Gerald Nachman (taken from the San Francisco Chronicle) SAN FRANCISO — Judy Garland was 20 minutes late opening night. Jim Bailey had a run in her stocking. This, not temperament, is what delayed the star’s entrance at Theatre on the Square, where the (very) late Miss Garland reappeared...(more)

A Star is Reborn - by Robert Nesti (taken from the Boston Herald)When re-creating the legendary entertainer, Jim Bailey as Judy Garland is uncanny...(more)

Jim Bailey's life: How a boy from Philadelphia became a diva - by Lauren Gold (taken from The Palm Beach Post) It's not just about imitating Barbra.  Or singing like Judy.  Or mimicking Phyllis.  It's about transforming...(more)

Jim Bailey's 'Judy' retains star's magic, myster illusionist replicates Garland's concert persona - by Rohan Preston (taken from The Star Tribune, Minneapolis) Feminist scholars have long posited that what we regard as the ideal for a woman's body-the symmetry of the tapered shoulder and fit ...(more)

Jim as Judy: He captures Streisand's and Judy's looks characteristics - by Mark Griffin (taken from The Sun Journal, Maine) Jim Bailey is a one man all-star cast who is as mesmerizing as the leading ladies he recreates on stage ...(more)

Barbra Streisand from Carnegie Hall to Presidential Jim Bailey's Portrayal of Singing Greats - by Gail Bliss (taken from the New Hampshire Weekend) 
Men playing women's roles on the stage is a tradition that dates back to the early Greeks but that doesn't begin to explain the art of master illusionist Jim Bailey...(more)

He is Judy - By Tony Giampetruzzi (Innewsweekly.com)
Jim Bailey brings 'Judy Garland' to Symphony Hall

In the progression of things, there are drag queens. There are female impersonators. And then there's Jim Bailey, the world-class performer...(more)

Judy Garland Live! - by Eddie Shapiro (taken from Out Magazine) -Broadway- For those of you who forgot that October marks the 50th anniversary of Judy Garland's triumphant...(more)

Broadway to Welcome Judy Garland - By Randy Gener (taken from Broadwayonline.com) NEW YORK- If the planets align correctly and the Broadway gods beam their benevolent smiles, drag illusionist Jim Bailey's celebrated portrayal of Judy Garland will make its Broadway debut...(more)

Barbra Streisand? On "Ally McBeal"? - By Liz Smith (taken from the NY Post) Well, er, not exactly, but almost. Jim Bailey, who is a Streisand performer in real life, will appear on the TV show's first sweeps episode this Monday as a gay man who likes to dress up and...(more)

Jim Bailey in his famed portrayal of Judy Garland coming to Broadway - (taken from Variety)...(more)

Channeling Judy - By Fred Goss (taken from advocate.com) When I was a teen and Jim Bailey appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show to do his impersonations of Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, and Peggy Lee, I was always with my family. So 30-plus years later I went to see Mr. Bailey doing “Judy Judy Judy”...(more)

In Profile: Jim Bailey — By Bruce Vilanch (taken from Advocate Magazine) - I once saw Jim Bailey perform in Las Vegas. The audience was from a plumbers’ convention....(more)

JIM BAILEY AS STREISAND - By Tony Patrick (taken from The London Times) LONDON — Jim Bailey is to female impersonation what Mr. Spock is to alien life-forms: it’s drag. Jim, but not as we know it. Bailey describes himself as a character actor or an illusionist. On this London visit...(more)

WHEN HE LOOKS LIKE JUDY AND SINGS LIKE BARBRA, JIM BAILEY CREATES ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR - By Rita Rose (taken from The Indianapolis Star) INDIANAPOLIS - Is Jim Bailey a female impersonator? An impressionist? A drag queen? How about a cross-dresser? None of the above, he says....(more)

JIM BAILEY, THE MASTER ILLUSIONIST - By Lawrence Christon (taken from The Los Angeles Times) Los Angeles- The best drag queens have always made an extravagant show of plumping up the icons of their affections, such as Katharine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Tallulah Bankhead and Carol Channing...(more)

MASTER ILLUSIONIST by Angela Bauer (taken from The Indianapolis Star) INDIANAPOLIS — Liza Minnelli didn’t think she’d ever share the stage again with her mother, the late Judy Garland — that was before Jim Bailey....(more)

Interview With Jim Bailey — By Andy Warhol (taken from Interview Magazine) NEW YORK — Jim Bailey, “The impressionist’s impressionist”, has rocketed to international fame based on the strength of his incredibly realistic recreations of such showbiz legends as Judy Garland, Peggy Lee, Phyllis Diller...(more)

Show of the month at CSUN: Jim Bailey tribute to Peggy Lee in exclusive L.A. engagement (taken from The L.A. Times) Internationally acclaimed as one of the world's great entertainment personalities, "Master Illusionist" Jim Bailey brings his ...(more)

Lucy in the Streets: 'Lucy freak' fulfills dream of visiting area - by Dave Duhl (taken from The Sunday Post-Journal, Jamestown, New York) Each year, the Lucy-Desi Days festival draws fans from places as far as Oregon, Texas and Virginia.  Fans flock to Jamestown ...(more)

Jim Bailey to Headline Lucy-Desi Days Festival in May - by John Whittaker (taken from The Sunday Post-Journal, Jamestown, New York) Jim Bailey, a noted character actor, singer and comedian, will headline the 2004 Lucy-Desi Days festival from May 28-30 ...(more)

Famed impressionist appears as himself, Arnaz joins him - by Robert W. Plyler (taken from The Sunday Post-Journal) Famed impressionist Jim Bailey performed Saturday evening at the Reg Lenna Civic Center as part of this year's Lucy-Desi Days ...(more)


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